Tuesday, October 24, 2006

72nd District Assemblymember and SD 34 Candidate Lynn Daucher (R)

" I think the Registrar should send the letter."

When she explained what warranted the need for the county to send out a letter to the targeted voters, she simply stated, "I believe that the Tan Nguyen letter is enough warrant to send out the letter."

On the 14,000 targeted NATURALIZED CITIZENS who were targeted by the letter:

"Those immigrants who became citizens should be encouraged to vote, not intimidated."

Oh, and the kicker:

" I offer to pay half the funds of the letter if Lou pays the other half..."

That is, Lynn offered to pay half of the reimbursement of the OC Registrar for sending out the letter to the 14,000 voters if Lou and his campaign agreed to pay the other half...

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