Tuesday, October 24, 2006

OC Supervisor and SD 34 Candidate Lou Correa (D)

"Great idea. We'll work on that."

This was Lou's response to Lynn Daucher's offer that they both reimburse the OC Registrar of Voters for sending out the letter.

Now, Lou made a good proposal today to his fellow Supervisors on how to deal with this crisis:

He made a substitute motion [to his original planned motion to ask the Registrar to send out a correction letter] to set up a tak force headed by District Attorney Tony Rauckackas to investigate ALL EFFORTS of voter intimidation in Orange County, and that plain-clothed sheriffs monitor various random polling places and contact the task force if they spot any voter intimidation efforts. Though the other supervisors seemed willing to sign on to this, they ended up killing this proposal softly by doing nothing to put this into motion soon.

When the board was about to agrere to the toothless resolution and do nothing else, Lou said that "we need to be preemptive on voter intimidation. We need to be proactive, and create a task force."

Though Lou urged his colleagues to act on this TODAY, his fellow supervisors simply said that they "like the idea", but postponed this to the next week's meeting.

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