Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More Voices from the OC Supervisors' Meeting Today

Darrell Nolta, of Westminster (and always at the OC Supes' Meeting), called Tan Nguyen's treatment by the press and the elected officials a "kangaroo trial", and urged the Supes NOT to allow the Registrar to do anything regarding the "Immigrants can't vote" letter because "there is no business in which the Orange County Registrar of Voters engages in political activity."

Well, Mr. Nolta, we're not talking about "political activity"... We're talking about the Registrar doing its legal duty to assure LEGAL VOTERS that THEY CAN VOTE!

Mark Rosen, Mayor Pro-tem of Garden Grove, urged that the County needs to "take action to undo the problem" because "Tan Nguyen has polluted the [political] process."

Nicely put, Mr. Rosen.

Richard Chavez, Mayor Pro-tem of Anaheim, exclaimed that "we have a responsibility to protect our community" when he stressed the need for the County Registrar to do its duty to rectify this confusion among voters caused by Tan-gate... He later said, "There are people who could vote today, and are not because they are confused."

This is precisely what I'm concered about: Some of those 14,000+ voters may still be afraid to vote.

Nick Berardino, head of the Orange County Employees Association, urged the County Supes to allow the Registrar to send out a letter to the 14,000+ targeted voters in order to show that "we care," and that "we recognize that they have ben subjected to an unthinkable act... An attempt to disenfranchise people from the American way of life." He also offered that the OCEA reimburse the County for sending this letter.

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Anonymous said...

"This is precisely what I'm concered about: Some of those 14,000+ voters may still be afraid to vote." BALONEY, all of you are making me laugh. Afraid to vote? confused to vote? Come on, these "voters" are at least 18 years old. Afraid by a letter? I guarantee that these recipients know exactly what is going on considering that the Tan scandal has been in the news for the last few days. The media and people like you are making a big deal over this letter. I see nothing wrong with it and I continue to support it. Haven't anyone seen the conference on Sunday that it was a f****en mistranslation? ahahahahahaha....Chavez said "we have a responsibility to protect our community" i bet he wouldn't say anything if he was not a Mexican himself. He is probably more concerned with the racial issues, not the voting issues.