Monday, February 05, 2007

Why We Need Tom Umberg on the OC Board of Supervisors

Over the last month, I have tried to take out some time to help Tom Umberg win the special election tomorrow for the Orange County Board of Supervisors. But why, why would I do this? Why, when Central OC is still recovering from last November and the hot State Senate race that Lou Correa won? Why, when the Republicans control all the other seats on the Board?

Well, let me tell you why:

I have talked to my neighbors in Santa Ana about this election, and they have shared with me their concerns about their community. Quite a few are concerned about keeping their neighborhoods safe, and they remember when then-Assemblymember Tom Umberg fought to help us make our neighborhoods safer for our families. Many are concerned about the lack of open space in Central Orange County, and they remember how Umberg worked hard to bring home funds to improve our local parks. Many here are sick and tired of being ignored by the County simply because we do not fit the "rich and fabulous" stereotype that the Republicans want to believe is true, and the appreciate that Umberg wants to represent the REAL ORANGE COUNTY that the Republicans simply don't care about. People here in Santa Ana remember Umberg, and they still appreciate the good work that he did for our community. Perhaps that's why they are supporting Umberg for Supervisor.

And oh yes, let's see what the Republican candidates have been doing while Tom Umberg was has been reaching out to our community. Carlos Bustamante has been flip-flopping on just about everything. Janet Nguyen has tried to pit the Vietnamese community against Latinos. Trung Nguyen has tried to be everywhere at once with Photoshop as his friends in Team Tran are illegally handing out ABSENTEE BALLOTS like lollipops! And oh yes, they are all trying to "look tough" on an issue that the county has no jurisdiction over.

And yes, we can probably count on any of these Republicans to lend their support to some of the loony proposals that wingnuts Chris Norby and John Moorlach are salivating over. In fact, even the other two Republicans on the Board of Supervisors are feeling queasy about the Norby-Moorlach Agenda. But still, Norby and Moorlach are only one vote away from driving widowed police officers' wives into a poor house and building a freeway in an area where it will immediately collapse when the next earthquake hits. Can we really afford to risk this by allowing the Republicans to win tomorrow?

Now think about it: Do you want an all Republican Board of Supervisors in Orange County? I didn't think so. Do you want a voice on the OC Board of Supervisors that speaks up for working families in OC? Yeah, I thought so...
So please help us tomorrow!

Join us at the Orange County Employees Association headquarters tomorrow morning as we get out the vote for the one Democrat who has the courage to stand up for working families in Orange County. We can either allow the Republicans to silence working people and ignore the concerns of Central Orange County, or we can do something about it. Please join us in doing something by getting out the vote for Democrat Tom Umberg!

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