Sunday, February 11, 2007

It Pays to Be a Friend of Van Tran

Remember my article last Friday about all the naughty business going on with Van Tran and his lackey "protege" Trung Nguyen?

Well, my friend Art Pedroza at Orange Juice is reporting that he has heard accounts of even more naughty business going on with Van Tran and his crony Trung:

I am hearing accounts of dead people voting, hundreds of ballots being sent to P.O boxes, voter coercion, votes cast by people who have been in Vietnam for six months, etc. This is shameful! It should not be allowed to stand. I expect this kind of behavior in third world countries, but not here in the U.S. The Trannies have made a mockery of our election laws.

If this is true, then Trung Nguyen has become the new Tan Nguyen. Will he do anything to win? Even cheat a fellow Vietnamese Republican out of a County Supervisor seat? Well, then I guess his political mentor Van Tran has taught him well.

Hey! If his wife can write fake medical bills to scam insurance agencies, and then falsely represent herself as an attorney, then what does a stolen election for a good little protege matter for Van Tran?

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