Monday, February 26, 2007

BREAKING- OC SPECIAL ELECTION: Janet Nguyen Closes Ahead by Six Votes!

This just in from Jubal/Matt Cunningham at OC Blog:

The disputed ballot resolution session is over, and Trung Nguyen picked up 5 votes, Janet Nguyen picked up 2 votes and had 1 voided -- meaning Trung picked up 4 votes in the challenges.

However, Janet picked up 10 votes during Friday's recount, so she's still ahead by 6 votes.

Team trung Attorneys Mike Schroeder, Steve Baric, Mike Houston plus advisors Lan Nguyen and Dina Nguyen are strategizing in the lobby and poring through a heavily tabbed book of California codes.

So it looks like Janet Nguyen won the special election after all. However, don't count out Trung just yet. Rumor still has it that Trung Nguyen's legal team may take this to court.

Stay tuned for more as we wait and see whether is recount is over just yet...

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