Friday, February 23, 2007

BREAKING: Janet Nguyen Takes Lead in OC Special Supe Race

This just in from Total Buzz:

Looks like Janet Nguyen gets to spend the weekend as the higher vote-getter in the First District supes race as she's up by at least nine votes. But she better enjoy it while she can. Trung Nguyen's people say they fully intend to get back their lost votes when Registrar Neal Kelley makes his rulings on contested ballots first thing Monday morning.

Art Pedroza is already declaring victory for Janet Nguyen on Orange Juice. It looks like my friend Art is already plotting Janet's immediate political future. Meanwhile, Jubal/Matt Cunningham is saying that Trung Nguyen's team is hoping to make up today's losses in the Monday morning challenge at OC Blog. I guess with about 75 ballots that were marked for the write-in option (just below Trung Nguyen), yet no candidate written in (Were these votes for Trung?), expect plenty of action on the final day of challenges in this recount...

And stay tuned for more of the beginning of the end of the OC Special Election saga.

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