Friday, February 23, 2007

The Surreal Politics of Orange County: Nasty, Nasty, Nasty!

Here are some wild and wonderful stories from behind the Orange Curtain, and and across the Land of the OC, that will make you laugh, cry, and scratch your head in total disbelief:

- Congressman Oblivious. Guess who said this about Iraq: “We are in a long war with people…who want to kil [sic] us. No one has yet offered an alternative plan.” Wow, so I guess the bipartisan Iraq Study Group report doesn't count? Ah, more wisdom from the same person who proclaimed that "Baghdad is safer than Washington, D.C." Dan Chmielewski has more at The Liberal OC.

- It's a strange, strange world in Costa Mesa. How the heck can a known Neo-Nazi become a political powerhouse in Southern California? Ask Allan Mansoor, Wendy Leece, and Eric Bever- The Costa Mesa city council members who owe their political careers to anti-immigrant white supremacist Martin Millard. My friend Claudio tries to make sense of it all over at Orange Juice.

- Mr. NAMBLA goes to court. Jeff Nielsen is a hard-core Republican Party activist... And he is a pedophile. Well, he was recently caught with his pants down... And now, his trial begins. Hmmm... And the GOP is supposed to be the party of "moral values"?

And finally...

- Ya think this is over? Nope, just a "new day"! Janet Nguyen's legal team is still basking in the glow as they've made this still unfinished Special Election a literal dead heat. Also in recount news, the drama probably won't end on Monday, as Total Buzz is hearing that the mysterious Fred Woocher may file a legal challenge. Stay tuned as the OC Special Election melodrama continues...

Now ain't THAT SURREAL, or what?! ; )

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