Monday, February 12, 2007

OC Special Election Update: Did Janet Nguyen Rightfully Win?

So you thought that the aftermath from last week's special election could not possibly get any more horrendous? Well, think again! My friend Claudio Gallegos at Orange Juice has now dug up yet ANOTHER ACCUSATION that, if proven true, could be enough to deny Trung Nguyen a seat on the Orange County Board of Supervisors:

There are accusations of Trung Nguyen's people collecting absentee ballots and delivering them to the ROV [Registrar of Voters]. This accusation gains credibility from the fact that Van Tran's Assembly campaign once got caught doing the same thing during the 2004 primary. Then there is an accusation that Trung Nguyen's people were going to the Vietnamese community in Cerritos and registering people there into addresses in Westminster or Garden Grove. Whether these accusations are true, only an investigation will tell. But if this took place, it clearly would swing the race in Janet's favor.

It was bad enough when I heard about Team Tran/Trung handing out ABSENTEE BALLOTS...
And then, I thought it couldn't get worse when I heard about the dead people "voting"...
And now, this??!!

For the sake of democracy in Orange County, ALL OF THIS needs to be investigated! If Van Tran and his protege Trung Nguyen really did all of this, then Trung shouldn't be headed to the County Administration Building...
He and Van should then be taken TO JAIL!

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