Friday, February 09, 2007

OC Special Election UPDATE: Janet Nguyen Asks for Recount

Instead of the going to court to halt certification of Tuesday's election (which many of us were expecting), Janet Nguyen's campaign will be asking for a recount. And of course, they are probably planning to contest the election if the Nguyens switch the lead.

Here's what the Janet Nguyen campaign has to say (via Red County/OC Blog):

"We have decided to move forward immediately with our request for a recount, instead of taking any legal action which could have delayed the recount by several days or weeks," said Nguyen attorney Phil Greer. "The voters in the First District deserve nothing less than a complete and accurate count of all legitimate ballots. A recount is the only way to achieve that goal and we want to do everything possible to expedite that process."

Well, considering recent allegations against Van Tran's Trung Nguyen's campaign, the recount could very well uncover some real dirty business. Stay tuned for more on the closest election in OC history...

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