Thursday, February 22, 2007

Correa's Iraq Vote: Lou Makes a Public Statement

After all the discussion at The Liberal OC, and after all the discussion here...
Lou Correa is now officially on record on his vote against a resolution condemning the escalation of the Iraq War. He talked to OC Register reporter Brian Joseph about it:

"It's very straightforward," the senator told me. "The Iraq resolution is a well intended one, but yet I personally believe that the real issue in Iraq is, first of all, as a country, as a people, the first question is: should we be in Iraq or not? Second question: if we decide we should be out, then the question is, what's our pullout policy? What's our withdrawal strategy? How do we get out of here? [...]

"In the meantime, we have to continue to support our troops. Should we send in more M1 Abram tanks? Should we send more Kevlar vests? Absolutely. We got to support our troops. We have to make sure that they're well protected. Those are central, core issues."

Thanks to The Liberal OC for keeping up on the latest developments here.

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