Saturday, February 17, 2007

Surreal OC Weekend!: Notes on the Scandals... And WHO Wants to Challenge Loretta?

OK, so I'm feeling tired today...
And I still have so many things to do...
So here's a new weekend tradition that I'm starting here...
Yes, I'm starting it just for you!


So here are some wild and wonderful Orange County stories that you may have missed while you were, I dunno, finding out that Gavin Newsom paid his mistress for work that she didn't do, or following the already hot Congressional races of 2008:

- "Youthful Spring: 25 Glorious Years!" This weekend, Little Saigon will be going all out for this year's Tet, or Vietnamese Lunar New Year. But why? Well, this one is extra special because this will be their 25th annual festival in Orange County! Get ready for a one million firecracker display, a traditional lion dance, a fantastic beauty pageant, and more. Oh my, this certainly looks to be fun!

- What's your problem, Lou??!! I still can't get over my surprise when I learned that my own State Senator, Lou Correa, voted AGAINST the resolution condemning the escalation of the Iraq War. Oh, and if that isn't bad enough, his office is stonewalling on just EXPLAINING why he voted the way he did. So why the vote? And why the stonewalling? I really thought that my State Senator would do better than this.

- And what's the problem with Irvine Unified? Dan Chmielewski, at The Liberal OC, wrote a moving personal story about his local elementary school being in the cross hairs of an over hyped scandal. So were the parents of an autistic child "victims of bribery" because THEY CHOSE to give all these gifts to the faculty at an Irvine elementary school... Or is this all adieu about nothing?

- Janet v. Loretta? Art Pedroza, at Orange Juice, thinks that if Janet Nguyen does not win the recount for the special election, that she may be up to challenging Loretta Sanchez in 2008 for Congress. Now while I usually like Art's posts, I just don't see how a rising political star like Janet Nguyen would risk it all by being the GOP sacrificial lamb to my fabulous and lovely Congresswoman.

Now ain't THAT SURREAL, or what?! ; )

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