Sunday, February 18, 2007

Orange County's Sons and Daughters Lost in Afghanistan and Iraq

After writing my letter to my State Senator about his vote on the Iraq War resolution, I noticed this on The Orange County Register's web site. Here is an online memorial to all our men and women who have died while serving their nation in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are the sacrifices that have been made for George W. Bush's failed war in Iraq. These are the brave men and women who have died for for the petty politics of the neoconservatives and their war profiteer friends. Sad. : (


Blazing Cat Fur said...

If you cherish their memory and sacrifice then why are you using them to score cheap political points? If the US abandons Iraq as it did Vietnam at the behest of progressives then the blood of many thousands will be on the hands of progressives. Are you too young to remember the Killing Fields?

Eagles Nest said...

To bad you really don't know anything about the war in Iraq and the wider consequences of our leaving. It would appear that you have chosen to follow the main stream media in the idea that we have been defeated.