Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Peak Oil: What We Can Do- A DFA-OC Special Event

OK, I know that this is on the event calendar...
However, I wanted to make sure tonight that all of you know about what's happening this Saturday (BESIDES MY BIRTHDAY!!!!) in OC. And for all of you in Southern California, the best birthday present that you could possibly give me would be joining me in Surf City this Saturday to learn more about peak oil, and what we can do about it.

Please Join
Democracy for America-Orange County
For an Evening with
Debbie Cook
Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem
And a Presentation on
Our Energy Future

Global oil production increased eight fold from 1950 to 2005. It has transformed the planet and the way we live. As the largest consumers of fossil fuels in the world, Americans need to educate themselves about this incredible resource and the geologic, political and economic constraints that will impact its quantity, quality and availability in the future.

Debbie Cook, a nationally recognized expert on this critical issue, will help us understand Our Energy Future.

For location, time, and RSVP info, please follow me after the flip...

Huntington Beach Central Library
6:30 pm, Saturday, March 3, 2007
7111 Talbert Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Please share this invitation! Admission: Free
Sponsored by Democracy for America-Orange County
Co-sponsored by Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment

For more information, email Susan Kopicki, DFA-OC,

Now we at DFA-OC have been working really hard to put this event together, and we would certainly appreciate the support of our fellow Southern California progressives. Oh yes, and did I forget to tell you that Saturday IS MY BIRTHDAY??!! So please come, as we'd love to see you here. : )

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