Sunday, January 14, 2007

Today's the Big Day!!

OK, so this is it.

Now, I must make that final rehearsal of my speech. I must make sure that my friends will be going. I must begin preparing for my very first caucus! It's so exciting, yet so completely frightening. I don't know if I've quite felt like this before...

But I just hope that everything works out today. I am now worried about all this talk of bodyguards and pure intimidation. I'm hopeful that no violence will break out today, but I really never know. When someone becomes extremely desperate to hold onto power, that person may resort to the most extreme measures to do just that. I am already somewhat saddened over what may become permanent divisions in our party.

Still, I am also gladdened over what may be a great future for our party in Central OC. This may just be the beginning of a rebound, and a strengthening of the Democratic brand as we move away from crazy talk, and begin real action. I just hope that all of this works out today.


Mike Lawson said...

Good luck!

Andrew Davey said...


We'll all need it today!

; )