Monday, January 08, 2007

Go, Nancy! Go, Harry! Go, Dems! Kick This Escalation to the Curb!

All I have to say about this is YES!!!!

(From AP Wire):

In a blunt warning to the White House, congressional Democrats said Monday they may seek to deny funds for the type of short-term troop buildup that President Bush is expected to announce for Iraq Wednesday night.

As Democrats began their first full week in the congressional majority, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he would "look at everything" to wind down the war effort, short of cutting off support for troops already deployed.

He said Bush's expected call for an additional $100 billion for the war would receive close scrutiny.

Please, Congressional Dems, please give this as much scrutiny as humanly possible! Also, I hope that they do amend the supplemental spending bill, setting some guidelines on how the money is spent. How about no more war profiteering? How about no more funds for no more troops in Iraq? How about making sure that the troops already there actually have proper body armor and supplies? How about setting up a plan to get the troops already in Iraq out of there soon?

"We have a platform we didn't have before, Leader Pelosi and I, and we're going to ... focus attention on this war in many different ways," said Reid, D-Nevada. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., suggested over the weekend using Congress' power of the purse to restrain any troop buildup.

More than 3,000 U.S. troops have lost their lives in Iraq in a war nearing the end of its fourth year, and many Democrats attribute their success in last fall's elections to public opposition to the conflict.

Well, Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi, I hope you use your new platform and your new powers to do whatever yopu can to END THIS WAR!

I just hope that this is only the beginning of a truly "new direction" on Iraq policy.

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