Sunday, January 14, 2007

AD 69 Delegates: WE WON!!

Great news from the Land of the OC:

The sensible progressives won!

Today was an amazing day for Democrats in Central Orange County. For one, we had a record SIXTY-ONE DEMOCRATS show up for the caucus. In past years, there weren't even ENOUGH CANDIDATES in the 69th Assembly District. Also, we had REAL COMMUNITY ACTIVISTS show up and run. I was so heart warmed to see people who actually understand our diverse, working-class communities run...

And I was just ecstatic to see them WIN!

I won a seat on the DSCC, along with two other activists from Orange County DFA. Oh, and the best news is that the rest of the folks who won are real activists who go out in the community and get things done! For once, the Democrats from the AD 69 delegation will represent the best interests of the community, and not some radical fringe that undermines progressive causes. For once, we won't be under the influence of Lyndon LaRouche supporters. For once, the AD 69 Democratic delegation will not just be discounted as a bunch of "crazy fringe radicals"!

Tonight is a great night for ALL OF US DEMOCRATS in Central Orange County. The people have spoken, and they want a Democratic Party that fights for real progressive values. No more crazy talk over non-issues, because now we're ready for action!

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