Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's Hillary Time!

Finally, what everyone has been waiting for...

Hillary has announced!!

Yes, so the Big Orange types don't look to be big fans:

... Hillary would be a drag on races lower on the ballot. In fact, her potential nomination is already creating all sorts of headaches for Senate and House recruitment efforts in tough states and districts. This is a dynamic not at play with any of the other serious candidates. She is also the DLC candidate, literally. From Harold Ford's memo accepting the DLC chairmanship:

I assume there will be an effort to help Senator Clinton's campaign, and I would support such an effort.

At least Vilsack can say that he was sacked by the DLC. Hillary is the DLC's last chance at some measure of relevancy. She loses, they've got nothing left.

And yes, I haven't even been nice to her at times. Still, we should remember:

She's got a great "story", and has taken more shit from the Right than any other Democrat in existence (besting husband Bill by a longshot). She's a tough one. And really, while Republicans may talk about swiftboating her, is there anything left for them to hurl at her? Unlike what some naysayers say, she can absolutely win the general election. And it's well past time for this country to join the 20th century, much less the current one, and start feeling more comfortable electing women to the top offices.

Thanks, Kos, for that reminder. She has a pretty solid record in the Senate. She has a long history in the Democratic family. She has quite a long record of children's advocacy. Oh yeah, and who else has taken such crap from the wingnuts...

So while Hillary may still be far from my first pick for President at this moment, I'll try to keep an open mind. I'll join her online conversations, and judge for myself if she's the one that will be the best possible candidate for 2008. I've seen what she's done in the past, and now I want to find out what she intends to do as a future President.

: )

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