Thursday, January 18, 2007

OC GOP Resorts to Gay-bashing for Special Election

As the Orange County special election approaches, the Republican Party is becoming desperate. The Democrats have united behind Former Assemblymember Tom Umberg, while the Republicans remain divided. We Democrats are working our patooties off, hitting the streets to talk to our neighbors about the need for us to have an ally of working families on the Board of Supervisors. Meanwhile, the Republicans feel that the only way for them to pick up a Supervisorial seat is to resort to fear and homophobia.

How pathetic! So the Orange County Republican Party thinks that it must resort to this in order to win next month:

Two IEs arrived today -- one hitting Umberg on his military-integrity issues, and this one from the Republican Party of Orange County to high-propensity GOP voters, reminding them of Umberg's vote to legalize gay marriage.

(From OC Blog)

It figures that as the Republicans are grasping onto straws as they lose their grasp on this special election, that they would have to resort to such fear mongering and thinly veiled bigotry. I guess that they still did not learn the lesson from last year's election that such scare tactics do not work!

Yes, I know that this would not be the first time the Republicans have used LGBT people to scare others into voting for them. However, that still does not make it right! How dare they use us queers as a ploy to frighten people! How dare they suggest that this honorable person can't be elected as Supervisor if he voted for civil rights legislation that would extend the right of civil marriage to good, loving gay and lesbian couples. How dare they try to smear this military veteran by suggesting that his votes for LGBT rights somehow disqualify him from representing working families at the county level!

How sad for the OC GOP that they feel they must resort to such hatred. : (

Btw: Chris Prevatt has a great post on the GOP's "Southern Strategy 2.0" at The Liberal OC.

Oh, and I shouldn't forget to mention this! The special election is on February 6, and it is to fill the seat that Lou Correa vacated when he became my State Senator. Please read this post that I wrote back in December for more background on the race. : )

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