Friday, January 12, 2007

Finally, Congress Is Doing Its Job!

Say goodbye to the bad old days of a "Rubber Stamp Congress"! No more rolling over for everything that the Chimp-in-Chief wants. Finally, Congress is doing its job in checking and balancing the executive. (From Washington Post)

President Bush's proposal to send 21,500 additional troops to Iraq encountered strong bipartisan opposition on Capitol Hill yesterday, and his top national security advisers, dispatched to defend the strategy, were greeted with a skepticism not seen from Congress over the past six years.

Lawmakers said they have little confidencethat [sic] the Iraqi government has the capacity to deliver on promises to take the lead in cracking down on violent militias and providing security in Baghdad, as the president's plan contemplates. Democrats and Republicans alike said they are concerned that Bush's plan, announced Wednesday night in a nationally televised prime-time address, is too little and too late and does not appear very different from previous efforts to secure the capital.

Well, who has any confidence in this Iraqi government's (in)ability to drive a wedge between itself and its Shiite militia allies? Who has any confidence in Bush's (in)ability to understand that 20,000 extra troops does jack shit to change anything in Iraq (other than give the militias more targets)? Who has any confidence in the neocons' crazed plan for US hegemony in the Middle East?

I don't. I'm sick of the Bushies...
And it looks like the DC pols have finally realized how toxic the Bushies really are.

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