Sunday, January 07, 2007

"Macho, Macho Dems": More Inanity Insanity from the MSM and DC Kewl Kidz

Beware of this total bullshit in today's New York Times! While I have respect for the good reporters and the great columnists at the NYT, I also wonder why they feel obligated to publish crap in their paper, as well...
Ya know, crap like this:

The return of Democratic manliness was no accident; it was a carefully planned strategy. But now that the Macho Dems are walking the halls of Congress, it remains to be seen whether they will create as many problems for Democrats as they solved. After all, these new Democrats have heterodox political views that could complicate Democratic caucus politics, and their success may raise uncomfortable questions for those Democrats who don’t pass the new macho test.

Who gives a damn if a Dem is "Macho"?

Not me, and I don't think the voters do, either!

Democrats didn't win last year because they were "macho"...
They won because they had the good message, and because the GOP was running on the same old shit...
That finally ran out of steam this year!

More interesting may be the implications of the Macho Dem theory for the 2008 presidential campaign. If a party measures its candidates by whether they wear a uniform, carry a gun or simply look tough — does it invite the public and press to apply that standard to all the party’s leaders?

Faux "machismo" doesn't do any one any good...
After all, look at what's happening to "macho man" Dubya!

I care about getting things done in the next Congress, and about electing a President in 2008 who will clean up the gawd-awful mess that this "Macho Boy" Spoiled Rich Kid-in-Chief is leaving behind. I don't care how often my Democrats go hunting, or eat steak, or dress like cowboys, or use fowl language...
I just want them to be progressive, and be effective.

I just want to see some progress being made in DC, and I have a feeling that I'm not the only one.

Still, what frustrates me the most about all this adieu about nothing is this:

“As much as the policy positions is the background and character of these Democrats,” says John Lapp, the former executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee who helped recruit this new breed of candidate. “So we went to C.I.A. agents, F.B.I. agents, N.F.L. quarterbacks, sheriffs, Iraq war vets. These are red-blooded Americans who are tough.”

Mr. Lapp even coined a term to describe these manly — and they are all men — pols: “the Macho Dems.”

Why the hell is a DCCC staffer building up this meme? Why is he propelling this myth that Dems have a "machismo problem", and that we need "Macho Dems" to save the party? Oh please, gimme a break!

Cheese louise, these consultants still don't get it!

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