Saturday, December 23, 2006

Not a Merry Christmas in Baghdad

Not as if most Iraqis celebrate Christmas anyways, but why the heck should they have to suffer like this?

A suicide bomber has killed at least 10 people and injured a dozen others outside a police recruitment centre in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The bomber walked up to a group of recruits outside the police academy and detonated a belt of explosives he was wearing, police said.

The academy has come under attack several times before and the street it is on had been closed to traffic.

Iraqi police also said 76 bodies had been found in various areas of Baghdad.

How terrible for all those poor folks in Baghdad, that they must live in fear 24/7. Of course, would it have been this way had Bush & Co. decided to invade Iraq in the first place? Would it have been this way had Bush & Co. not created such conditions for chaos there? Is there anything that we can do there now?

Now I know that Bush is now proposing a "surge" of 20,000 troops to solve this...
But 20,000 troops can't do the job...
Personally, I don't think any more American troops can do the job...

Perhaps could a more multinational peacekeeping operation help?
Or have we just fucked up Iraq beyond any further attempts at salvation?
Thanks, President Bush, for ruining the lives of so many innocent people.

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