Wednesday, December 20, 2006

CNN Poll: Americans Don't Want Any More Bushit on Iraq

Oh my, take a looky here:

"Do you favor or oppose the U.S. war in Iraq?"

Favor Oppose Unsure
% % %
31 67 2

But, I thought it only meant that people were opposed to the way that the war's been conducted...

I think he knows that 65% are against this war.
Part of that 65% are NOT against the war. They are against HOW the war is being fought. Many would like to see it fought to win without a lot of this PC crap.

Huh?! Well, how do the Freepers explain this:

"Here are four different plans the U.S. could follow in dealing with the war in Iraq. Which one do you prefer? Withdraw all troops from Iraq immediately. Withdraw all troops by December, 2007 -- that is, in 12 months time. Withdraw troops, but take as many years to do this as are needed to turn control over to the Iraqis. OR, Send more troops to Iraq." Options rotated

Immediately By 12/07 As Long As Needed Send More Unsure
% % % % %
21 33 32 11 3

54% of Americans want out of Iraq by the end of next year...
Wow, that kinda confirms that last month's election was, at least, partly a mandate to end the war.

Oh yeah, and only 11% want more troops...
Sorry, Bush! Sorry, Freepers! America is sick and tired of your bushit!

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