Thursday, December 21, 2006

If Jane Harman Can Even Say No to This Crazed Urge of a "Surge"...

Wow! You've gotta see this:

... The White House's Iraq strategy has failed, our brave military is stretched to the breaking point, and neither Congress nor the American people will support for much longer throwing good money after bad or sending good people after good people into a hopeless war zone.

Rather than talk about additional troops, it's time to begin redeploying troops out of Iraq immediately and engaging other governments and allies in crafting a diplomatic and political solution to the nightmare. That this administration could still think an escalated military option is a credible path to stability and democracy in Iraq is alarming, and indicative of how far removed from reality this president and his inner circle are.

Now, we all know that Harman wasn't always on our side when it came to this...

But hey, let's give her some kudos now for refusing to sign onto Bush's latest craptacular idea for Iraq:

I will tell you we're looking at all options. And one of those options, of course, is increasing more troops.

Oh, please! Perhaps they could have gotten away with this three years ago, but that was then, and this is now. The war is failed. Iraq is lost, so long as we continue to subject them to any more of this failed military occupation. Our brave troops need to come home, and the Iraqi people need a political solution to a political problem.

So thank you, Rep. Harman, for standing with us to oppose any more of this "surge" madness...
And from now on, please help us in our efforts to end this war.

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