Sunday, December 24, 2006

Atdnext's Merry Christmas Special: 2008 Prez Candidates on the Teevee

OK, so I've been seeing some crazy stuff on the teevee over the last couple of weeks...
And now, I'd like to share some of the finest moments with you.

First off is outgoing Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack on The Daily Show. Now I'll admit that I'm just beginning to get familiar with him, and that initially I was creeped out after seeing this. However after listening to him on Iraq, I'm starting to wonder if he's losing the DLC touch. If so, then there is hope for him.

Well, I must say that Vilsack handled himself quite nicely on The Daily Show. He was plenty snarky during the funny moments, and transitioned well when the interview delved into more serious topics (like Iraq). All in all, I think the Governor of Iowa made a good impression with young voters.

OK, so while Vilsack tried to look "hip" with young voters, Hillary was trying to reopen the "Gender Gap". While the first part of Senator Clinton's appearance on "The View" mostly dealt with Holiday decorations and Christmas traditions, the Junior Senator from New York later had a chance to clarify her views on Iraq (which she really didn't). She still refuses to apologize for her original Iraq War vote in 2002, but says that the nation was misled into war. OK, but at least she's not signing up for Bush's ridiculous proposal for a "surge" because she does not see what it would exactly accomplish. Let's hope that she votes this way next year.

OK, OK, so I've been hard on Hillary... And yes, most of the blogosphere has, as well. Well, I must admit that this appearance on The View did "soften" her image. Especially when she talked about the rerelease of her book, "It Takes a Village", and she spoke about her own experiences as a working mother, she seemed less like some "cold, calculating witch"... And more like a regular mom. I'm starting to think that we might have "misunderestimated" Hillary all along when we said that she couldn't win OR that she's just a corporate sell-out...
While she's still not my #1 pick for the primary, now I'm beginning to feel not-so-bad about voting for her in the November General.

OK, so while the Junior Senator from New York was trying to reopen the "Gender Gap" by reaching out to women, it looks like the Junior Senator from Illinois was throwing some love at the men:

OK, so Barack Obama didn't really have anything important to say here, I still think his appearance on Monday Night Football is quite something else! ; )

(Besides, I talked about him more at length here.)

Ahh, now that we watched Obama rev up for MNF...
Here it is, the big game! Oh wait, oh crap! It's just a Dennis Kucinich clip on CNN:

Now, hold on! I'm not slamming him... In fact, I agree with at least 90% of what he's saying. OK, it's just that I don't see him winning the Primary, let alone the White House. While he has a great platform, the way he presents it is a little too... Well, he seems starry-eyed as he speaks aloud his wishful thinking. Still he holds his own on CNN, and hopefully he'll start enjoying some success in the new Congress.

OK, so this is what I'm thinking about all the Democratic candidates that are prancing across my teevee (or today, my laptop screen)...
Now what do you think? Who gave the best performance? Who fared the worst? Was there anyone here who you didn't like so much before, but now opening up to? Is there someone who just turned you off with his/her interview? Feel free to share your thoughts. : )

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