Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All the Candidates Come to OC (Virtually)

"I'm appalled at the money involved" in campaigns, said retiree Virginia Laddey, 85. "That's why I like MoveOn. We get heard without having $2,300 (the contribution limit)."
(From OC Register)

And yes, I got to meet Virginia last night at the MoveOn town hall in Irvine last night. Actually, I was able to meet quite a few terrific Democrats (and others) from all over Orange County as we met in Irvine to see what the 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates had to say about ending the Iraq War. We all listened to what the candidates had to say, and we all came to our own conclusions.

Some were deeply impressed by what Dennis Kucinich had to say about ending the war, while others just couldn't understand how he's a serious candidate. Some were glad to hear Hillary Clinton come out strongly in favor of ending the war, while others still thought that she was "waffling" on whether she'd really withdraw all the troops out of Iraq. Many were convinced last night that Barack Obama has what it takes to end the war, while others still have many questions about the Illinois Senator.

So do you still have questions about the MoveOn parties last night? Well, go ahead and read the rest of today's OC Register piece on the Orange County meetings to see what OC Democrats are thinking right now about the candidates.

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