Saturday, April 07, 2007

Science Cafe Energy Policy Forum TODAY!

Got questions about climate change, energy policy, peak oil, and the science of fueling our lives? Well, then you should really come on over to the cafe and get yourself some answers!

Join us and our panel as we look at the status of energy today and the policy and scientific solutions. Are you worried about peak oil? Feel a squeeze from high gas prices? Come to the Science Cafe Energy Forum and participate in a panel discussion on energy and the issues we face today.

- U.S. Rep. John Campbell (R-Newport Beach)
- Dr. Mark Musculus, Sandia National Laboratories California
- Mr. Jim Maclay, Doctoral Candidate (LEED Certified), UC Irvine National Fuel Cell Research Center

Mr. Pat Brennan, Environment Editor, The Orange County Register

Follow me down below for all the details:

Program (Begins at 3:00 PM):
1) 5 minutes: intro by Brian Hart, Astrophysicist, who is director
and host
2) 10 minutes: Video clip from
NOVA scienceNOW.

3) 20 minutes: Presentation by U.S. Representative, John Campbell
(R-Newport Beach) on Energy Policy

4) 20 minutes: Presentation by Dr.
Mark Musculus, Combustion Research
Facility, Sandia National
Laboratories California

5) 20 minutes: Presentation by
Mr. Jim Maclay, Doctoral Candidate
(LEED Certified), from UC Irvine
National Fuel Cell Research Center
on Fuel Cells and UC Irvine research
into this promising new technology

6) 30 minutes: Question and Answer
session and discussion with

7) 10 minutes: Each panelist will
have an opportunity to close by
inviting the audience to learn
more about their affiliated

8) 2 minutes: Closing by Drew
Adams, Barnes & Noble Community
Relations Manager

The program is FREE and open to
the public. You're invited to just
show up. Parents, bring college
kids you know who may want an
internship! College students, come
for the same purpose! High school
kids are also welcome. SIGN UP
requested, so we can best plan space.

RSVP limit:
Only 150 members (including guests) can RSVP 'Yes' or 'Maybe' for this event.
Please go to the Meetup page to sign up.

Barnes & Noble - Fashion Island
401 Newport Center Drive Suite A215
Newport Beach , CA 92660
(949) 718-0109

Hope to see you there! : )

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