Thursday, April 12, 2007

Obama Wins... The MoveOn Town Hall, That Is

This just in from The OC Register. The results are now in for MoveOn's poll of members who attended the virtual town hall meeting on Iraq where memebers were asked who can best lead the U.S. out of Iraq. Well, take a good look at these results:

Sen. Barack Obama 28%
Sen. John Edwards 25%
Rep. Dennis Kucinich 17%
Gov. Bill Richardson 12%
Sen. Hillary Clinton 11%
Sen. Joe Biden 6%
Sen. Chris Dodd 1%

Well, it seems like a good plurality of MoveOn members appreciate Obama's clear and pricipled, yet practical and workable, plan to end the Iraq War. Now to be fair, the other candidates also have fair plans to end the war. However, Obama has been right on Iraq from the very beginning... And he is still right on Iraq. It's good to see that as more people learn about Obama and how he'd restore an honorable AND sensible foreign policy, that they recognize that Obama's not just another "pretty face"... He actually has a good plan to end the war.

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