Sunday, April 15, 2007

Guess Who Also Cares About Climate Change in OC?

OK, so just found out about what happened at the Day of Climate Action in Huntington Beach yesterday. Well, the marchers weren't the only ones in HB to talk about climate change. Obama OC Grassroots also made its presence known at the pier yesterday as local grassroots activists registered new voters, talked about the many challenges facing us regarding climate change, and how Barack Obama is ready to lead on finding real solutions.

Follow me down below to find out more about what happened after the rally...
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As the rally was getting started at Pier Plaza, the Obama Grassroots team was setting up a table. And as soon as the march began, Team Obama stayed at the pier to register voters and answer any questions about Barack Obama, the grassroots campaign in Orange County, and what he plans to do about climate change should he be elected as our 44th President. Even though the gloomy clouds were beginning to roll in from the Pacific, it was all smiles for Team Obama!

We had a couple of people come up to the table to fill out voter registration forms. Whether or not they had made their decision yet on Obama, we wanted to give them a chance to engage in the democratic process. Now we had plenty more people come up to the table to ask us about where Obama stands on the issues. They wanted to know about how Obama plans to tackle climate change, meet America's future energy needs, clean up all the corruption in government, and end the Iraq War. We answered all their questions as best as we could, and most were quite surprised to learn about all that Obama has done on these issues. It never ceases to amaze me how people come to like and respect Obama once they learn about all that he's actually done on all these issues.

We were all pleasantly surprised to hear from local progressives who are as wowed about Obama and all is accomplishments as we were. Of course, we were also surprised to hear from previously apathetic folks who are suddenly excited about politics and the state of the nation again because of Barack Obama and his message of hope, action, and change. And yes, we were heart-warmed to see local environmentalists smile in delight once we showed them that Obama is not just providing rhetoric about climate change, our energy future, and the state of our planet...
He's actually doing something about it now!

Perhaps this is what I like most about our Obama OC Grassroots team, and about Senator Barack Obama. It's not about empty rhetoric, but it is about real action. It's not about wishful thinking, but it is about real hope for real change. : )

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