Thursday, April 19, 2007

SD 34: Lou Correa Stands Up for the People of Vietnam

This just in from Brian Joseph of The OC Register, blogging at Total Buzz:

Orange County Sens. Lou Correa and Tom Harman ignited fireworks in Senate chambers this morning when they objected to the introduction of a delegation from the Vietnamese government.

The senators said it was inappropriate to welcome representatives of an oppressive regime that had caused so much pain for Vietnamese residents of Orange County. Ceremonial introductions like that are infrequently challenged.
"I don't believe this is necessary," Correa said.

So why were Vietnamese government officials allowed into our state capitol? Why would officals from an extremely oppressive regime be allowed into OUR HALLS of government? And why would anyone want to respect a regime that has absolutely no respect for its own people?

Follow me after the flip for more on what the heck happened at the Capitol today...

So how the heck was this allowed to happen? Well, unfortunately another State Senator made the mistake of inviting these Vietnamese government officials to Sacramento:

The senator who brought the delegation, Leland Yee, D-San Francisco/San Mateo, defended the action by saying the delegates are here "to learn about our Democracy."

Oh, really?! So the Vietnamese government really wanted to "learn about democracy"? Well, maybe Leland Yee should talk to my member of Congress, who recently returned from Vietnam. Apparently, the Vietnamese government is so interested in "learning about democracy" that they won't even let their own people exercise it... Heck, they wouldn't even let them meet with Loretta Sanchez!

So why should we give this government any type of "welcome"? And why are they so interested in "learning about democracy" here when they don't allow their own people to practice any? Maybe if the Vietnamese government was REALLY interested in "learning about democracy", they would start putting some democratic ideals into practice. Yes, that would be better than just coming to OUR STATE CAPITOL to demand any respect that they don't deserve.

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