Monday, April 02, 2007

We All Got April Fooled in OC!

OK, I'm sure you figured this out by now. My post yesterday on Mike Lawson's announcement of The Liberal OC seeling out to Red County/OC Blog was a COMPLETE JOKE! Still don't believe me? Here's Mike Lawson's latest post:

By now, most of you have figured out that our redesign and the press release we sent out regarding our acquisition by Red County magazine was an April Fools prank.

A lot of people smelled the prank right away, but a few people (including one very good political reporter at the Orange County Register) were a little slow on the uptake.

OK, so I'll admit that it took me about two minutes after the first glance of that press release to realize that this was THE BEST APRIL FOOLS' JOKE EVER...
But poor Peggy Lowe at The OC Register actually CALLED MATT CUNNINGHAM TO CONFIRM THE BUYOUT!

So, as the old-school reporter that I am, I called Matt Cunningham early this morning seeking confirmation on this Blue Minority deal... He called me back and all I could hear was laughter.

Yep, I fell for it. And no, the Red County boys aren't taking over The Liberal OC. Guess it was the blogosphere version of the whoopee cushion. Still waiting for a return e-mail from Mike Lawson, the jokester.

Friends don't let friends blog until the second cup of coffee is in the bloodstream.

So you still can't believe how big this got?

OK, now... Here's the topper! Matt finally made an announcement last night on OC Blog:

Although this is a Red County, it has a definite Blue streak. So why persuade and engage the other side when you can just absorb them?

The good people at reached a similar conclusion: why not indeed?

Yes, this seriously must be the best prank ever pulled off! I know I'll fondly remember this for many years to come. ; )

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