Tuesday, August 07, 2007

With Water So Clean, No Wonder Why We All Love Laguna

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I know there are many reasons to love Laguna Beach. Who doesn't love the art? Who doesn't love the scenic hillsides and canyons? Who doesn't love the rustic landscape of this crown jewel of the California Coast?

But today, we have a new reason to love Laguna, a reason that I just discovered at The Register. The NRDC has named Laguna as one of the nation's top "beach buddies", which means that Laguna ocean water is some of the cleanest in the entire nation. Wow, isn't that just amazing? Out of all the beaches in the nation, Laguna has better water quality than just about everywhere else! How fabulous!

However, this report wasn't all good news for California. Avalon (on Catalina Island), in Los Angeles County, and Venice Beach, in San Mateo County, were both named as "beach bums", meaning that water quality at these beaches is among the worst in the nation. How sad. Maybe they need to come to Laguna, and learn how they can follow Laguna's good example.

Still, I feel quite heartwarmed and very much relieved after seeing this report. As I love spending time at the beach in Laguna and enjoying the gorgeous Pacific down there, I feel much better about going in the water. And now that you've also seen the report, you can too! ;-)

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