Friday, August 31, 2007

What Do YOU Think: Should Laguna Hills Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

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This morning, I found something interesting in The Register. Apparently on Tuesday, the Laguna Hills City Council approved the introduction of an ordinance banning the distribution of medical marijuana. Specifically, the city is afraid of seeing medical marijuana dispensaries open in town.

Now why would the city be afraid?

With the legal uncertainties and concerns that medical marijuana dispensaries might lead to loitering or crime, city staff has recommended that the council adopt the proposed ordinance. It prohibits any land use that would be illegal under state or federal law.

HUH?! Didn't California voters approve Prop 215 so that medical marijuana patients wouldn't have to face criminal penalties? And didn't SB 420 take care of allowing legal distribution of medical marijuana? Well, remember that even though the state recognizes medical marijuana as a legal medicine, the federal government does not. The state-federal conflict does muddy the waters here.

So what do YOU think Laguna Hills should do about the possible opening of medical marijuana dispensaries in town? Do you think they should follow through on their plan to ban all dispensaries? Or should they drop the proposed ban, and allow medical marijuana patients to get their medicine in Laguna Hills? And what do you think about these dispensaries? Do they lead to "crime", or do they provide a necessary medical service. I want to know what YOU think, so please go ahead and have your say.

Go ahead. Make my day. Fire away! :-)

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Anonymous said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Give those people a reason to wake up in the morning and enjoy what life they have left. Good grief, people need to mind their own business and let freedom riiiiiiingggggg!!!!!!!!!