Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Diane Harkey Should Consider Herself Warned... The Move to Recall May Begin Soon

UPDATE: Total Buzz is now reporting that the Dana Point City Attorney has NOT approved signature gathering yet for a petition ot recall Diane Harkey. Apparently, the City Attorney is still waiting for the Registrar of Voters to confirm that all the signatures on the request to petiton are valid. I guess we must now wait until Monday for a final decision.

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H/T to Total Buzz for this (and the photo):

Just got a ring from attorney and former Councilman Jim Lacy, who said that the Dana Point city attorney gave him the go-ahead this morning on the petitions to put a measure on the ballot to recall Dana Point Mayor Diane Harkey. Lacy said he’s put an order in to the printer for 15,000 petitions with room for four signatures each and that the recall folks hope to start circulating them by this weekend. They have 120 days from today to gather the approximately 4,600 valid signatures needed to place the measure before voters.

So it looks like it's FINALLY happening [BUT NOT YET]. The petitions can now go out. The people of Dana Point can finally start to make up their minds. The campaign to recall Diane Harkey as Dana Point Mayor can now may officially begin soon.

So do you need to know more about what's happening in Dana Point before you can form an opinion on the recall? Well, why don't you check out our archives of Diane Harkey and the scandals swirling around her? This way, you can decide for yourself what's going on with the mayor. Also while you're at it, check out Recall Diane Harkey web site. Compare and contrast what Harkey says about herself to what the recall proponents have to say.

So I guess the real fun now begins. Diane Harkey may complain about "unholy alliances" between the federal government and the Crystal Cathedral, and she may complain about random people out to "get her", but she will ultimately have a much greater worry to complain about than these small conspiracies. She will now have to worry about whether or not her once "clear path" to Sacramento has now been complicated by a major roadblock at home.

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