Sunday, August 19, 2007

End of a Lonely Weekend

Ah, yes. My lonely, "old maid" weekend is coming to an end. What should I think? Well, I guess I won't be spending so much time at home after tonight. But still, I guess I'll be happy about it.

Apparently, a certain special someone noticed my post yesterday on feeling alone. He said he was sorry to hear that. I was happy just to hear his voice again. And just for that, I'm ready to surprise him with something special this weekend.

I think I know what I'll be cooking for him for Friday. I think I'll also wear my lucky black underwear, just to ensure that something else heats up as soon as the kitchen cools down. Come on now, you know what I mean. ; )

Oh, and I'll be seeing more of my other friends this week. Yep, and I'll be back to traveling all over the place to see them. So yes, my insanely busy life is almost back. And guess what? Nothing could make me happier. : )

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