Friday, August 10, 2007

Moorlach & Street, Stickin' Together...

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Many kudos to Total Buzz for this! Oh yes, and more kudos to them for this. Check out what Chriss Street has been buying for his office using our tax dollars. All in all, Street has so far spent a grand total of $950,754 of OUR TAX DOLLARS on luxurious furniture for his office. And believe it or not, officials in the Treasurer's Department expect this price tag to rise above $1,000,000!

So ladies and gentlemen, this is how the person collecting our taxes is spending them. So why hasn't "taxpayer hero" John Moorlach come to save the day? Why hasn't he called on Street to resign after hearing of this gross misuse of public funds, as well as the the FBI investigation into Street's mismanagement of a bankrupt trucking company whose assets he may have misused for such "necessities" as a family vacation, gym memberships, and Botox injections? Why hasn't Moorlach taken on Street in the same manner that he's challenging our law enforcement officers over their retirement benefits?

Moorlach claims that the current retirement benefits for our hardworking deputy sheriffs are somehow a "gift of public funds" that must be stopped. He's so outraged over our law enforcement officers getting a nest egg to retire on, but where's the outrage over really disgusting "gifts of public funds" like the lavish remodeling of Chriss Street's office? Oh, is that possibly because Moorlach himself also partook in "Extreme Makeover: OC Government Edition"? And may Moorlach be overlooking Street's sins because the two have such a long history of sticking together?

Well, I guess it's nice to see such a strong bond of friendship between Moorlach and Street continue to grow. Yes, it continues to grow... Kinda like that final bill for all that "remodeling" in Street's office! How precious. ;-)

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