Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How About Our Health Care, Senator Correa?

Last week, a group of local community leaders a chance to talk with State Senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana) about health care. They asked him what he plans to do in the Legislature to ensure that all of Orange County's working families have health care. And his answer? He said that so long as the Legislature fights over the state budget, there won't be an opportunity to do something on health care.

Well, guess what? The budget fight is over. And now, more than ever, we need our legislators to start working on health care reform NOW. And we know how much Lou Correa cares about working families in Orange County, which is why we need his help to get them the health care coverage that they so desperately need.

So can YOU help us remind Lou Correa that he needs to help in delivering real reform that will help Orange County working families afford health care? Follow me down below for more...

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It's OUR Healthcare is working to make sure that Orange County's legislators focus on the real health care concerns of Orange County residents. So now that Lou Correa is saying that he wants to deliver health care for working families, we need to tell him that we want to see him make good on his word with real action. So can you help by calling Lou Correa's office, and asking him to stand up for OC's working families and support real health care reform? And while you're at it, can you also call the Governor and ask him to do the same?

Phone Numbers:

Senator Correa (Santa Ana) 1 866 535 1744

Governor’s District Office
Los Angeles 1 866 396 0812

Just ask them about AB 8 (the health care bill), and what they intend to do to make sure it works for our working families. Basically, AB 8 would give health care coverage to over 4 million people who currently don't have any coverage, create a statewide insurance pool, and stop the HMOs from denying any one coverage over pre-existing conditions. So yes, AB 8 is a pretty good bill, But still, there are some flaws, the chiefone being that there aren't enough cost-control mechanisms to ensure that health insurance is affordable and available to everyone.

So can YOU call the Governor and Senator Correa, and ask them to fix our broken health care system NOW by improving AB 8 to make health care more affordable for everyone?

Please consider doing this if you care about our health care, and please feel free to let us know in the comments how your calls went.

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