Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Why is Orangewood Children's Home Underused?

Total Buzz has more on the latest Grand Jury report on the state of foster care in Orange County. Even though there are only 61 kids at Orangewood Children's Home, there are still 300 staffers at the 216-bed county emergency shelter for foster children. And yet, so many children are being shipped out of the county. What's happening here?

Maybe the Grand Jury has it right:
"Interviews with SSA management on the subject of OCH have a 'circle the wagons' feel, with large numbers of individuals deflecting questions with esoteric verbiage, philospohies and theories."

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Maryann said...

First were you ever in Orangewood? Well I was. I was there 2 different times and it was hell. It felt like I was in jail. I was sent there because I was abused by my stepfather and he got to stay home and never got punished for what he did.It felt like I was the one punished instead. I don't think kids should go there,i think they should send them to a group home or a foster home.