Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Obama TV Ads Now Up in Iowa

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Wow! It looks like Obama is starting up ads in Iowa. Oh yes, and they're featuring two interesting folks who have crossed paths with Obama in Illinois. One is a REPUBLICAN State Senator, while another is a highly respected progressive law professor. Here's some more from CNN:
The new commercials feature Republican state Sen. Kirk Dillard, who worked with Obama in the Illinois Legislature -- and backs the candidacy of GOP Sen. John McCain -- and Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe.

"Many of the reasons that I like Senator McCain are the same reasons that I've always admired Barack Obama -- ethics, independence and a little bit of maverick spirit that lends hope that this country wouldn't be gridlocked in partisan politics," Dillard said.

A 60-second commercial, called "Choices," focuses on the decision Obama made after graduating from Harvard Law School, opting to turn down lucrative offers from law firms and instead move to Chicago as a community organizer.

And here's some more info on that second ad:
The other 30-second spot, titled "Carry," addresses Obama's work in the Illinois Legislature, where Dillard praises him for pushing ethics legislation, expanding child care and health coverage and supporting tax credits for the working poor.

"Senator Obama worked on some of the deepest issues we had and was successful in a bipartisan way," Dillard says in that ad.

Aides described Tribe, a member of the Harvard law faculty, as a mentor for Obama. Tribe praises Obama for his decisions after graduating.

"It was inspiring, absolutely inspiring to see someone as brilliant as Barack Obama, as successful, someone who could have written his ticket on Wall Street, take all of the talent and all of the learning and decide to devote it to the community and to make people's lives better," Tribe says in the commercial.

The spots also feature scenes from Obama's speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, an address which vaulted him to prominence within the party.

Wow. I guess Obama's doing so well in Iowa that they're taking the campaign there VERY SERIOUSLY. It's not that often that campaign ads go up this early. However, Obama's rising in the polls in Iowa. And perhaps, these ads may help put him over the top. : )

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