Wednesday, June 06, 2007

52 Days of Evading the Law... And Counting...

H/T to Mike Lawson at The Liberal OC for the fantastic graphic!

Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen has had 52 days to comply with county campaign finance law. Actually, she was supposed to give the Registrar of Voters a report of her returning the illegal donations to her campaign during the recount within 72 HOURS AFTER THESE DONATIONS WERE RETURNED. However, she hasn't complied with county law.

So why won't Janet comply with the law? Isn't a lawmaker supposed to actually obey the law? Is that too much to ask?

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Doesn't Janet Nguyen realize that this isn't helping her reelection effort? And I don't think this is helping her beloved Republican Party, either. No wonder why Jubal/Matt Cunningham is saying something at OC Blog, and he's not the only one speaking up:

I was talking to some keen observers of county politics this morning, and much of the conversation turned on Supervisor Janet Nguyen's on-going refusal to comply with TIN CUP requirements that she report the name of the three donors who gave too much to her illegal legal defense fund -- as well as the excess amount and date of donation.

There was a general consensus that the drip-drip of bad publicity stemming from this strange refusal to come clean only hurts her politically. Most 1st District voters are still unfamiliar with her, but ever since the adulatory "first Vietnamese/youngest supervisor" media immediately after being seated, her press hasn't been good.

Yep, this is only hurting Janet. It's hurting her credibility. How are we supposed to trust her as a lawmaker if she can't even obey the law herself? If she were your County Supervisor, would you trust her?

Mike Lawson said it so well at The Liberal OC yesterday:

County Supervisor Janet Nguyen was soliciting money to cover her legal costs after the February 6th special. The problem was that Nguyen was accepting donations above the campaign contribution limit—which is a violation of campaign finance law. [...]

Everyone is blogging about the money, and it looks like nobody is going to be forgetting this story any time soon. How long will we wait, Janet?

So how long must we wait? How long must we wait before our County Supervisor actually obeys the law that she's supposed to respect? With every day that Janet Nguyen evades the law, she loses that much more of our trust.

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