Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Scary Day with Grandma

We've been at the hospital all day with my Grandma. She nearly collapsed in the bathroom this morning. She was severely dehydrated. She was extremely weak. Basically, this is what happens to a ninety-two year old diabetic woman all too often.

So we had to drive Grandma to the hospital. We got a bed for her in the emergency room pretty quickly, but then we had to wait forever in the emergency room until the hospital finally had a room ready for her. Now Grandma's ready to go to sleep, and she's getting the care she needs.

Thank goodness we caught Grandma in time, before she lost consciousness. Thank goodness Grandma's feeling better. And thank goodness she has good health insurance. What would happen if things weren't as good for us?

1 comment:

jon said...

i hope your grandma feels better soon andrew!