Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Assembly Approves Marriage Equality (Again)

(Cross-posted at Calitics)

Look what I found at Red County/OC Blog! Chuckie DeVore is complaining about the "evil libruls" destroying our moral values... Oh wait, and he's complaining because THE STATE ASSEMBLY JUST APPROVED MARRIAGE EQUALITY FOR A SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!

But anyways, as I was starting to feel happy that the Assembly approved legislation that would allow me to find the hubby of my dreams, Chuckie just had to piss me off by saying all this crap on OC Blog. Whatever. All I say to him, and to others who oppose equal rights for all, is that allowing all loving couples to make lasting commitments for life strengthens marriage. Discrimination doesn't.

Families worrying about what to eat weakens families, and marriages at that. Families worrying about where to live weakens families, and marriages at that. Families worrying about health care weakens families, and marriages at that. If Chuckie DeVore really cares about families and marriages, then maybe he should do something about what families are actually worried about.

But enough of Chuckie, let's get back to the good news of today! Fortunately, most Assembly Members don't share the same distorted views as Chuckie. They recognize that the institution of marriage is only strengthened when the state does not discriminate over which loving couples can get married and which ones can't. Thank goodness they did the right thing today. : )

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