Thursday, May 03, 2007

Will Mr. Republican Insider Fight for the War He Wants?

Tell you what; you’re still a relevative [sic] young man in good health who obviously supports this president and this war. Do what hundreds of other soliders have done. Put your life on hold and go enlist. Ask to be assigned a unit going to Iraq. Support this war and this president all you want. But the veto is not supporting the troops. The veto is a sentence to extend this quagmire to satisfy a tyrant president’s stubborness and refusal to admit mistakes.

Dan Chmielewski said that to Republican insider/consultant/"blogger" Jubal/Matt Cunningham on Monday, after Jubal/Matt spewed out the same old Republican talking points that Democrats hate the troops. Well, all hell soon broke loose as Jubal/Matt had his fit. I guess it's so much easier to "support the troops" by blithely sticking a yellow ribbon on a Middle-Eastern-oil-guzzling SUV while ignoring the real hell that our troops must suffer in Iraq.

Well, The Liberal OC just couldn't let go. Chris Prevatt offered Jubal/Matt the challenge once more:

So Matt/Jubal, since you seem to support this debacle in Iraq so much; since you seem to believe that this war is really about terrorism and not an occupation; since you support this President and his stubborn insistence that there is something over there that can be won, other than oil and no-bid contracts for his friends; why don't you put your butt where your mouth is, step up to the plate, and become part of King George's noble cause.

So will Matt Cunningham take up the offer? After all, doesn't he share King George the Chimpy's vision of victory? Oh wait, aren't we headed toward victory?

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