Thursday, May 03, 2007

OC Young Democrats Leading the Way

What else was I about to say regarding the convention last weekend? Oh yes, I remember now!

  Have I told you yet that Orange County Young Democrats rocked the hall at the convention last weekend? The new California Young Democrats President happens to be our very own Tim Steed. Other local young activists quickly assumed leadership roles. Basically, our young blue party is looking much more orange these days... And boy am I loving it!

Here's what Martin Wisckol has to say in Total Buzz:

Among the many many things that happened last weekend in San Diego that I haven't yet mentioned here is OC's strong showing at the board elections of the California Young Democrats. Mission Viejo's Tim Steed was elected president of the group, the first time an OC resident has held that post. Two others from Orange County were also elected to the executive board: Lindsay Hopkins was elected vice president of finance and Chris Roa was elected region director.

  "The California Young Democrats have been controlled by Los Angeles and the Bay Area forever," said Gila Jones, Total Buzz reader on hand for the convention last weekend. "For us to wrest control is tremendous."

So why is this so tremendous? Let me tell you why down below...

So why is this news so tremendous? Perhaps because these young Democrats from OC know how to get the job done. They know how to go out and recruit new Democrats on the college campuses. They know how to get young voters out to the polls. Basically, they know how to deliver Democratic victories in what's supposed to be a "red county". They will do a great job for CYD as they expand CYD into new territories.

And oh yes, here's some more good news:

Meanwhile, the state Democratic Party award Melahat Rafiei, the county party's political director, the 2007 John F. Kennedy Jr. Award -- an honor that goes to young activists.

There are reasons why Democracy for America is so well organized in Orange County. One of them is Melahat. She has been so great in building up DFA-OC into a regional powerhouse, and DFA just wouldn't be DFA without her. She totally deserved that award.

And all these fantastic young Democrats from Orange County totally deserve major kudos for leading the way in progressive activism in this state. : )

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