Saturday, May 12, 2007

CA-47: Loretta Sanchez, Environmental Champion

I just love my fabulous member of Congress. Loretta Sanchez has always done a great job for all of us in Central Orange County, really taking into account what's best for our communities. And yes, she did this again in voting to hold TCA to our state environmental laws as it considers its plans to extend the 241 Toll Road. San Onofre State Park is one of the top five most visited state parks in California, and its beaches are among the few unspoiled beaches left in Southern California. People here love this beach, and Loretta Sanchez made the right choice in deciding to save Trestles by requiring TCA to simply comply with the law.

However, our favorite Mr. Republican Insider at Red County/OC Blog is whining because Loretta did not capitulate to TCA and its convoluted fantasy of a toll road to nowhere. But that's OK. He's not Loretta's constituent... WE ARE in Central OC! And yes, we do care about the natural resources in our area.

Follow me down below for more on why Loretta really did vote for what's best for Orange County this week...

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Loretta has always been great on environmental issues. Last year, she received a PERFECT 100% SCORE from the League of Conservation Voters. She knows that people here in Central Orange County care about the quality of air that their families breathe, the quality of the water that their families drink, and the nice open spaces where they and their families can retreat to when they just want to escape the busy city life. San Onofre State Park offers a good retreat, with its pristine beaches and pleasant campgrounds.

Yet Republican insiders and consultants, like the creepy critters at Red County/OC Blog, mistakenly think that we urban voters in Orange County don't care about our natural resources and our quality of life. They think that if they dangle "JOBS!" and "TRAFFIC RELIEF!" in front of our faces, that we'll take their deadly bait. However, they are firmly mistaken.

We know that extending the 241 to Trestles would do nothing for traffic. We know that this project would violate the state laws that protect our precious coastline from precisely these types of idiotic attempts to destroy our natural resources for short-term profit. And yes, we know that we don't have to sacrifice the environment in order to create more jobs. Basically, we're not the complete idiots that these Republican consultants make us out to be!

So yes, Loretta did the right thing this week. She voted to ensure that TCA follow the full letter of the law. If TCA wants to extend the 241, then they should do it legally by NOT TRESPASSING INTO A STATE PARK! Trestles is just too precious of a place to be discarded in favor of an imbecilic toll road that does nothing to relieve Orange County traffic, and I am glad that Loretta will not allow for state law to be violated in order for this short-sighted and utterly ludicrous Toll Road to Trestles to be built.

And for that, Loretta Sanchez truly is the people's environmental champion! : )

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