Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why Is Everyone Ignoring Orange County?

Hey, now! I'm hearing talk about races in CA-4 (Doolittle), CA-26 (Dreier), CA-41 (Lewis), and of course- CA-11 (Pombo). Well if all these Republican-leaning seats are at least considered to be possible longshots, then what about CA-40 and CA-46?

I know these are very much longshots, since all California seats are gerrymandered. However I think that if any seat(s) change hands in Southern California, then these two are the best chances other than the already mentioned CA-26.

In CA-40, Florice Hoffman is running against Rethug incmbent Ed Royce... I know, I know, you haven't heard of him... Well, you probably haven't because HE DOESN'T DO ANYTHING FOR NORTH ORANGE COUNTY. For instance when Cal State University, Fullerton, requested federal funds for new science programs, they went to their congressman for help. He said he'd help... So HE CALLED REP. LORETTA SANCHEZ'S OFFICE, the one and only Orange County Democrat, and asked that she add this to the appropiations bill. ROYCE VOTED AGAINST THIS, BUT STILL CLAIMS CREDIT FOR IT!

In CA-46, Rethug incumbent Dana Rohrabacher epitomizes the current culture of corruption. For one, he boasts of BEING BEST FRIENDS WITH JACK ABRAMOFF!!!! Of course, he also ATE FOR FREE AT SIGNATURES. HE VOTED FOR EACH AND EVERY PIECE OF ABRAMOFF-SUPPORTED LEGISLATION. Running against Abramoff lackey Rohrabacher is Jim Brandt, a retired Marine and successful businessman who actually wants to serve our communities, and refuses to sell himself to the highest bidder.

Also what may help in these Congressional races are numerous highly competitive local races... And ONE HUGE STATE RACE- That is, the competitive 34th State Senate Seat, where Democrat Lou Correa should be getting plenty of help from the state party.

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