Monday, August 28, 2006

My Congresswoman Supports Clean Energy... Horray!

[LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Congresswomen Linda and Loretta Sanchez announced their endorsement of Prop 87, saying oil companies need to finally pay their fair share to clean up the air in California. "It is time the oil companies pay their fair share so we can reduce pollution that causes asthma, lung disease and cancer," Congresswoman Linda Sanchez said. "Studies are showing air pollution has a disproportionate health impact on Latinos, African Americans and children." ]
["I strongly endorse Prop 87, and will encourage voters in Orange County to support the Clean Energy Initiative. As every driver who pulls up to a gas pump today knows, we urgently need to develop cleaner and cheaper energy sources -- and oil companies benefiting from high gasoline prices should pay their fair share for this," Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez said. "Passing Prop 87 will force oil companies to return some of their profits back to consumers -- and not just keep raising prices at their pumps." Prop 87 is a $4 billion effort to reduce California's dependence on gasoline and diesel by 25% over the next 10 years. The effort will be funded by oil drilling fees paid by oil companies.]

Thank *** Loretta's doing the right thing!

Now I know that if hard core Repugs (such as those OC Blog/Red County) are mad at her, then she's obviously doing something right!

Oh wait, that's right! She supports a common sense solution to our current energy crisis. She agrees that oil companies should give back just a portion of their recent record-breaking profits in order for us to invest more in renewable energy for the (not so distant) future.

Now I don't agree with Loretta 100% of time (such as her recent vote against Net Neutrality), however this is one instance when she's 100% correct. Thank you, Loretta, for taking a truly principled stand! This is actually one moment when I'm proud to have Loretta Sanchez as my Congresswoman.

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