Sunday, August 06, 2006

Now Making a Move in Santa Ana

I said I'd continue the story... Now I intend to finish it!

After recovering from my post-election depression, I decided to make sure that the same mistakes made in the 50th would not be repeated in Orange County. That's why I signed up as Santa Ana Captain with Precinct Captains. I want to actually talk to my neighbors, build personal relationships with them, and engage them in the Democratic Party. This way, they won't be "bothered" into voting for Steve Young, Loretta Sanchez, or Jim Brandt... they'll want to vote for them. Of course, I'd also like to use this new tool to help local candidates as well. We have a city council race in November, and we'll have an (most likely) open county supervisor's seat in January. Obviously, I'll have have a whole lot of work to do from here on in!

Of course, I wouldn't mind if others join me in this new endeavor. I'd like to sign up some new volunteers here in Santa Ana, and there are plenty of other locales in OC that need neighborhood volunteers. Hopefully, this will be the start of a real, grassroots movement behind the Orange Curtain.

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