Sunday, August 13, 2006

Losing the Boom

Damn, this sucks! I may NEVER have a chance to experience what was the most legendary gay club... HECK, THE MOST LEGENDARY CLUB, PERIOD... in Orange County. The Boom Boom Room is the longest running party scene on the Left Coast... and it's set to close early next month. I guess we had this coming... for years now the queer scene in Laguna has been on the decline. Now just about all of the OC Coast has become a playground for the ultrarich and famous, and many of the artists, hippies, and queers who used to live in Laguna (and give the town its reputation as OC's unique beachtown) can no longer afford to stay here.,1,2028500,full.story?coll=la-editions-orange

Well, maybe the Boom's fate hasn't been completely sealed. There is a major grassroots effort to save this histroic Laguna landamrk... the "Save the Boom" coalition is doing a petition drive to stop the pending closure... Check out their blog and read about this uphill battle:

I sincerely hope that they can succeed... In the past, Orange County has had one place to go to get away from the snobs, the fundies, and the suburban sprawl. Frankly, South County still needs Laguna, that one magical beach town where people aren't stared at and sneered just because they're "different".

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