Monday, July 30, 2007

Cowabunga! Enjoy My Pics from the OC Fair!

(Cross-posted at Obama OC and The Liberal OC)

OK, here it is! As I promised a while back, I have the pictures from the OC Fair up now! Enjoy these scenes of the fair. Enjoy the pics of our fantastic OC Democratic Party booth. Enjoy these little snippets of the fair.

And if you haven't been to the fair, GO THIS WEEK! Go see the pretty animals! See LeAnn Rimes and Fergie and Ozomatli LIVE in concert! See the sand animation master perform his magic right in front of you! And most importantly, see your local Democrats in action in the Orange County Building!

So won't YOU be going to the fair this week? Don't you want to have fun? Don't you want to see your local Democrats at work? OK, then. So go ahead and see more pics. Once you see them, you'll want to go. ;-)

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